Psychology V Neurology

2 June, 2021

Recently, on an online Parent Forum, I read

“my child would NEVER do that.”

And I thought ‘how do you know?’

And I wondered ‘could they be wrong?’

That parent had asked for help with their 5-year old’s emotional responses.

The suggestion put forward was rejected out of hand “my child would NEVER do that”

“But s/he COULD don’t you think?”

When I hear the opinions of parents, limiting a child’s opportunity to explore potential solutions (just because they don’t believe it possible), that strengthens my resolve to help parents understand how brains work.

Neurologically, there are endless combinations of think-feel-do. They are there to be tried, tested and mapped.

Psychologically there are limits. Thoughts, drive feelings, which drive behaviour.

Don’t let your beliefs limit your child’s chance to discover their unlimited potential.