Coaching and therapies for holistic wellbeing.

Take time out to nurture and heal your mind, body and spirit.

We offer therapies that help you move beyond things like anxiety, depression, trauma and relationship problems.

If you are just looking for some ‘me space’, why not join our Wellbeing Days, talks and workshops to nourish and restore yourself.

Toolkit includes:

  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • Neuro Hypnotic Re-patterning
  • Design Human Engineering
  • CBT
  • Hypnosis
  • Psycho-sensory therapies
  • Energy Healing
  • Play Therapy
  • Mind Spa Days
  • Talks and workshops

Our blogs.


Boredom Matters

Boredom Matters

“I’m bored.” Means “I don’t know what to do”? Which implies “I need to know what to do”? And therefore “please help me to avoid this...

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“If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.” Henry Ford Does that make sense to you? Where are the...

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Upcoming events.



Mind Magic Meditation – live online single session

Tuesdays 8 – 9pm UK time

Guided visualisations that respond to your yearning for inner peace and healing by deep diving into the inner worlds, using hypnosis, shamanism, and energy healing.

Ideal for adventurers who are experienced in shifting states of consciousness.

You will need a quiet, comfortable (undisturbed) space with access to zoom.

Pay as you go £7 / session

What people have said about our coaching and therapies.

happybrain therapy

Susan Emmett | Women’s Wellbeing participant

I enjoyed the women’s well-being course on Friday. I wasn’t sure what to expect but found the day very relaxing and it was enhanced by beautiful weather and the peaceful setting of the physic garden!

I left the women’s wellbeing day feeling refreshed with some useful tips for ‘mind calming’ and new ideas to improve and widen my attention while trying to be mindful. A very pleasant experience with like-minded people. I would certainly recommend it to others.

Jane Carradice | Women’s Wellbeing participant

Dilston Physic Garden in the sunshine was a fantastic setting for this wellbeing course, providing a welcome opportunity to get in touch with nature and with myself.  The course offered a perfect mix of meditation and contemplation and I learned useful techniques to integrate these practices into my everyday life.

Louise Wells | Me Day - Mind Spa participant

I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday’s Mind Spa workshop which I really enjoyed.  It gave me clarity and food for thought.

Polly | Carer-Care participant

Thank you so much for today.  It was amazing. I arrived, as you may have noticed, with the worries of a PLC and “interruptions”.  I left with a clearer head and a lighter heart, straighter back and definition/clarity to a big life change. Many thanks for such an interactive and positive day!!!!

Pippa | Mother

Kay has taught us all how to think differently. We don’t have the power to change what happened to our 5-year-old daughter, but we have the power to make damned sure it doesn’t define us. Our duty to our children IS to rise up and live our best life. To hold onto anger and sadness only hurts our family more. Kay has taught us all so much about ourselves and how to heal ourselves and each other. We are eternally grateful. We owe you a lifelong debt of gratitude. Thank you for your work. You are amazing.

And your brainwave drawing – a practical demo of how you can actually influence the state of mind just with a pen and paper it gets great results.