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Develop the mental and emotional wellbeing of your workforce. We offer coaching, mentoring and training programmes that will improve morale, commitment and productivity.

We have helped many organisations with:

    • Executive coaching
    • NLP training and coaching
    • Consultancy
    • Bespoke programmes
    • Resilience support
    • Work Well programs live & online
    • Problem solving & creative thinking
    • Personal development for professional gain
    • Equine Facilitated Development
    • Mind Spa sessions
    • Inspirational talks

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Interview with John La Valle

Interview with John La Valle

CLICK HERE to watch John and I discuss many important aspects of communicating to influence with integrity and precision, especially...

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Fun-Shine Alphabet

Fun-Shine Alphabet

Looking for a fun ice-breaker, pattern interrupt, or warm-up for your team of colleagues or students? Or a new idea for having fun and...

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What people have said about our professional coaching and training.

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Susan Latimer | Well Work Coaching

Kay has a treasure chest of techniques to draw from depending on what you need, whether it’s a very structured approach or the ability to work with your needs moment by moment she does so with the lightest of touches. Whilst working with Kay I’ve gained clarity, had revelations, de-stressed, gained awareness of patterns of negative behaviour, cried ‘til I laughed, laughed ‘til I cried and best of all gained peace of mind and hope for the future- and all in 4 sessions!!

On a personal level, I believe Kay can help you achieve your goals and leave behind the things that belong in the past. Professionally, my background is in working in Sales and Marketing at a senior level and given the current economic climate where businesses are searching for the key component to make a difference, I am positive that Kay Cooke is that component. Established business models are barely maintaining the viability of some organisations; add a twist of Kay, a slice of her magic and a splash of her enthusiasm for a refreshing change!”

Patrick Keady | Voice Power for NLP Practitioners

When we first met, I was impressed with Kay’s authenticity. She is a wonderful person and innovative. Highly recommended.

Laura Spicer | NLP Consultant and Voice Trainer

Kay did all the work behind me delivering a Voice Power for NLP Practitioners course in Northumberland UK. She did an amazing job! Her PR was second to none, she found a wonderful venue, filled the room with lovely people and made absolutely sure that I, as the trainer, and all the participants had the best experience of the whole thing. Kay is a fabulous person, creative, responsive and an excellent communicator. I can definitely recommend her to you

Bev | University of East London| 3-Step Resilience

Kay was very clear in her resilience training, very knowledgeable, she does fun learning which was enjoyable.

Student Services trainee | University of East London| Resilience

Fun, engaging, informative, I especially liked finding out how our beliefs and behaviours can either prevent or achieve results, depending on both our internal and external dialogue.

Ann Cooper | Well Work Coaching

I rang Kay in a state of hysteria when I felt crushed and, on a mobile phone, from a coffee shop in London, she talked me through a technique that enabled be to find instant calm and so I began to explore new solutions.

Delegate | University of East London| Resilience

I found it interesting how focusing on the negative is not a productive strategy, and how being flexible yet firm yields the best results.

Messiah Odinma | University of East London | 5-Step Resilience

I found it very motivating, it reminded me of the need to remain resilient. This is not only for my work life, but also for my personal life.

Billy Isaac | University of East London| 5-Step Resilience

5-Step Resilience is the most interesting course I’ve been on (and I’ve been on a few!).

C.C. | University of East London| Resilience

Motivational use of metaphors and real-life examples. Also, the practical exercises and use of visual aids (toys etc – they work for adults too!).

J.I. | University of East London| 5-Step Resilience

Different, interesting, exciting use of words, voice and setting goals. Very interesting topic and very excited to now use some of what I learnt.

Master of Social Work yr. 2 student | Durham University | Building Resilience

I loved it and as usual, the trainer was very engaging.  I thought the session was perfectly pitched and well-timed at this stage in the course, when many of us are feeling stressed.  I thought that it provided some good strategies, which we can build on going forward into our social work careers.  Please keep this on the timetable for next year’s students. It also made me very interested in learning more about NLP going forward.  I think that it was very useful for our well- being in difficult situations, may be more useful at the start of second year placement.

Master of Social Work yr. 2 student | Durham University | Building Resilience

I thought the session was well timed in terms of the fact that some of us feel that the course is quite intense at the moment with placements ending and dissertation etc and this workshop helped us to consider ways to reduce feelings of stress etc.

Master of Social Work student | Durham University | Introduction to NLP

thought today’s session was very informative and it was very refreshing to learn a totally different approach from a non-social work perspective. Everyone in the class joined in on the discussion and seemed to really engage. It helped that Kay was fabulous and is clearly passionate about what she does!

From a personal aspect, NLP changed my dad’s life when he was at his lowest, so I was very eager to learn more about what picked him up. Kay shared that she too went into it for personal reasons and gained a career from it. I think the style and positivity of the approach are something which would really benefit the social work profession. I was very sad to hear that the sessions will not take place in the future and truly feel that future students are being deprived of a key aspect of their learning! Thank you for including the session as part of our learning.