Tools for children’s emotional resilience & mental wellbeing.

Happy Brain gives you the tools for your child’s emotional resilience and mental wellbeing.

Learn our simple model that uses play, creativity and NLP. We also offer one-to-one coaching and therapies for children, teenagers and families.

We can help with things like anxiety, school pressures, challenging behaviours, bullying, self-esteem, and trauma.

  • Training for people working/living with kids
  • Coaching & therapies for children and teenagers
  • Coaching for parents, families & carers
  • Play Days for classrooms, families & community groups
  • Teenage Mind Matters programme
  • Alternative Provision programme
  • Bespoke programs for mental & emotional resilience
  • Specialist application of NLP for people working/living with young people
  • Getting creative in change-work
  • Motivational talks

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Jez Discovers Mind Magic

Smiley Starfish Dreams

Sal Undoes Thinking Traps

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Fun-Shine Alphabet

Fun-Shine Alphabet

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What people have said about next-generation coaching and training.


Tatyana Stewart | Brain Trainer & Performance Coach

Parenting any child is a joy, a challenge and a huge responsibility – all at once. How can we, parents, educators and community as a whole ensure that we have done our best to give them the life they deserve? How can we PREVENT them from failures and falls? Ensure that they are strong and resilient? And there is no such thing as Barriers to Learn?

I had a privilege to learn a Happy Brain model of NLP coaching by most amazing and engaging trainers Kay Cooke and Julie Olsson in a group of brave and curious colleagues. The model resonates with the brain training I do with Neurofeedback as it aims to form better brain pathways as means to ensure learning and thriving, with no barriers and language pollution. Addressing basic needs and building on feeling listened and secure – that is how we teach brain to thrive. Excellent framework and well delivered training – looking forward to incorporating play in my work and taking it to the next level – intervention.”

As parent and a coach, I strongly believe that attending Happy Brain training will equip anyone with techniques that make you much better parent, teacher, coach or a therapist!! Plus Kay Cooke delivers her training utilising all the parts of the brain – so you will never forget what you’ve learnt!!!

Louise Henwood | Coach & Therapist

I run my own therapy and coaching practice and see how many of my young clients do not have the coping strategies they need to thrive. I think if the Happy brain Model was taught as part of the curriculum in schools, kids would benefit hugely by being taught how to be resilient in this sometimes tough world.

And your brainwave drawing – a practical demo of how you can actually influence the state of mind just with a pen and paper it gets great results.

Cathy Coles-Clark | Nurture Teacher

I was recommended this course by a friend as she thought it would benefit me in my practice as a Nurture Teacher, I am so glad that I took her recommendation as I have learned so much and been given a great deal of tools to assist me when working with children and young people with SEMH.

I was so excited to be able to use the different tools with my pupils and to get their feedback. I have used the backpack activity on a number of occasions, but my biggest ‘WOW’ was when I did the ‘finding feelings’ activity with one of my pupils who is 10 years old and has SEMH concerns. He was so engaged and was able to really connect with the activity and convey a lot of feelings, giving colours, sensations and describing them clearly (better than the adults I have done it with).

Sarah Piper | Year 6 teacher

Kay brings enormous passion to starting the process of giving all children a healthier mindset in their learning environment. She has left me with an array of tools that have been incredibly useful to aid development of pupils’ self-awareness, resilience and confidence. She has always been willing to advise me on further progress, as my understanding of these power tools deepens.

Asma Jacob | SEN Holistic Therapist

What an amazing fun training by Kay and her team. Me sitting still for more than 20 minute is normally a challenge and yet I sat through it all and loved every minute of it.

It also helped me understand certain areas in my own personal life as well as professional and really helped me think out of the box even more. I recommend Happy Brain training.

Marie-Therese Jabra | Mother

I recommend this course for parents, teacher and caregivers, it helps our kids to express themselves while playing and lead them to be more blooming.  I can positively say that Happy Brain has made me a better mother and made my kids happier.

Jane Killmister | Retired Health Professional

Happy Brain training was exceptionally good alongside the NLP Practitioner training as I started to readily recognize NLP language and models. I think it definitely reinforced the NLP training!

J Seyfried | Parent, Teacher & NLP Consultant

A wonderful combination of NLP meets neuroscience plus plus plus.  Engaging, creative, simplicity of how we can thrive and teach others to thrive using this highly effective model. I found the online course clear, concise, and I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to add powerful, yet simplistic tools and resources, whether you’re interested as a parent, or as a professional.

Angie and Rob | Parents of 13-year-old

Kay really helped us as a whole family. She gave us a new perspective on parenting and equipped us with strategies to help diffuse situations where our son’s emotions were getting out of control. She also worked closely with our son to help him gain control over his emotions. We have gained confidence in parenting and learned to trust and believe in our son again.”