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Soft-back Book – Smiley Starfish Dreams

Life can feel turbulent at times. And rather than get stuck in conflicts that arise from trying to change the outside world, we can teach the next generation how to better manage their inside worlds.

The author of this book is a coach and therapist who has worked for many years with children and families. This story is part of a series which is inspired by real problems facing young people every day, and its messages are as powerful and practical for the children reading it as they are for their carers.

In this story, which is the third in the Magical Mindy Series, Mindy and Smiley Starfish help a struggling child learn how to design new dreamland adventures, while Mindy’s magic leaves a Happy Brain imprint in the imagination of the reader.

Using a powerful combination of rhythm, illustration and proven techniques, the story directs the reader's attention towards strategies that have profound influence on wellbeing, settling troubled minds and inspiring next-generation thinking.

"Stories entertain the conscious mind and teach and train the unconscious processes. What Kay Cooke has done is both. I say, well done!"
Dr Richard Bandler, Co-founder of NLP

"Mindy is a wonderful example of how adults must talk to children."
Michelle G. de Marcé, age 14

"Kay Cooke's stories plant seeds of hope that things can be different and better."
A. Ianzito, Social Worker

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