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Soft-back Book – Jez Discovers Mind Magic!

The power of rhythmic words, direction of attention, and beautiful illustrations, imprint deep subliminal messages and skills for happiness.

This is a fun story of a boy called Jez, who got stuck inside a mind of fears. That is until Magical Mindy teaches him new techniques that literally change his mind. And Jez becomes a mind magician.

"Kay Cooke’s new book is a perfect example of NLP in action.  Story telling has been since the beginning of time, a way to educate and entertain.  Stories entertain the conscious mind and teach and train the unconscious processes. NLP is about doing this elegantly and precisely.  What Kay Cooke has done is both…  I say well done!!"
Dr. Richard Bandler (co-founder of NLP)

"Kay’s clever use of words that are aimed directly at the unconscious mind and wonderful illustrations are the key to the magic that happens when you read this book. As an NLP trainer I can appreciate the subtle use of colours, words and pictures that make this happen, in this case all woven into a very readable story.
Although deemed a book for children, any adult reading this book will take away useful messages. This is fabulous Kay, thank you."
Dr. Jo Waddell | GP, NLP Trainer & Hypnotherapist

"This is a book about the magic of the mind and there are few people as well qualified as Kay to write it. The magic is not only in the words, but in the pictures, and in the space that is yet to be filled. This is a book to be read to a child, pictures to share which require little if any further explanation, and the endless possibilities of the gap between the two. Parents might choose to invent their own dialogue to go with the pictures and the child will soon attach his or her own feelings and emotions too. The magic of the mind lies in the deep unconscious and this book will guide the child and the parent and no doubt the grandparents on a magical mystery tour. Fun for everybody!"
Dr. Stephen Simpson | MB CHB MFOM MBA Doctor, Elite Performance Coach, TEDx Speaker, Presenter, Best Selling Author

"I love Kay Cooke’s excellent series of stories for children.  As a social worker specialising in mental health, I see that we need to break the negative intergenerational thinking that so often we find in our clients, thinking that limits our children and their aspirations. Young children do not need to take on the, often, unhelpful thinking patterns and coping strategies of the generation before, and Kay Cooke’s stories plant seeds of hope in children-that things can be different and better for them."
A. Ianzito | Social Worker

"Jez discovers Mind Magic is a very powerful potion result of years of training, personal development, amazing creativity, and the marvellous touch of simplicity. Kids of all ages will benefit from easy-to-follow brain techniques to overcome daily struggles and build a strong self-trust. The world of today needs this sparkle of light!"
Nathalie de Marcé | NLP Trainer and Business Coach

"Mindy is a wonderful example of how adults must talk to children."
Michelle G. de Marcé (14 years old)

"I can create my own Spaceship in my mind to overcome my fears!"
Mauricio G. de Marcé (9 years old)

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